Top 10 Friendly Dog Breeds in The World

Top friendly Dog Breeds

There is no doubt about the companionship and loyalty of dogs. No wonder they are called Man’s best friend. While this is true, some dog breeds are more friendly and make a good family pet compared to other breeds which are aggressive.

In this article you are going to learn the 10 most friendly dog breeds in the world:

10. Pug


Pugs have a happy and affectionate personality. They are playful and charming making them suitable for a family pet. Pugs are preferred by many pet owners because they get along with children and have good temperaments.

9. Collie

Border Collie

Collie dog breed is popular for its herding and protecting abilities. They love children and bond quickly with every family member. What’s more, collies are not a one-person dog, they usually think of everyone they get used to as their friend. This quality makes collies suitable for families.

8. Poodle


The Poodle breed is known for its intelligence which is probably why it is the national dog of France. This quality makes it easy to train poodles to behave in any manner you want them to. What’s more, poodles are very active and won’t let you be bored.

7. Beagle


Beagles are good for first-time pet owners because it requires less maintenance and can adapt quickly to any environment. They are also social and enjoy the company of people such as your family members.

6. Cavalier


Cavalier is a loyal companion who will follow you wherever you go. They are best suited as personal companions but would also interact well with your other family members whether kids, adults or the aged.

5. The Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a lively and highly intelligent dog with an attractive body. It is popularly known as the American Gentleman because of his exemplary qualities such as being friendly and amusing.

4. Havanese


Havanese is a beautiful small dog with thick silky coat. It is gentle, playful and affectionate. Because of its nature to please people, it is the ideal dog for a family. It always wants to be around its owner so it can play the whole day. It can suffer separation anxiety when you stay away from it for a long time.

3. The Irish Setter

The Irish Setter

The Irish Setter has a lovable personality. Irish Setters are preferred by hunters and sportsmen because they are tall and energetic. They can also make good family dogs because they are affectionate and pleasing to their owners. However, Irish Setters may not be good with small kids because of their tall height.

2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador dogs are popular because of one simple reason. They have contributed to various fields. Labradors can be sniffer dogs, guide dogs and show dogs. They are also great for families because of their friendly qualities. These dogs are charming, affectionate, tolerant, and outgoing.

Labradors are comfortable as you do activities such as swimming, running and hiking. They can also learn a lot of things especially at a young age.

1. Golden Retriever 

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are the friendliest dog breed in the world. This is their strength and also their weakness because they can become friendly even to strangers.

Golden retrievers always show eagerness to please their owners including family. This makes it the best dog for your kids . Since it is also very outgoing, the golden retriever willingly engages in outdoor activities ranging from walking to hiking and running.

Author: Vincent Otieno

Author bio - Vincent Otieno

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