7 Surprising ways to show your pet you Love them

7 Surprising ways to show your pet you Love them

Pets are the best companions and they also require attention and affection, but it can be tricky for you to understand what pleases them. However there are several ways to show your pet that you love them. So today we have compiled a list of 7 Surprising ways to show your pet you Love them.

Physical Touch

Pet finds physical touch as a sign of affection. Some dogs find petting on their head as a reward & feels happy getting a reward. The best places to pet a dog are the shoulders, chest, and neck while best places to pet a cat is around their facial glands, including the base of their ears, under their chin, and around their cheeks.

Receiving Gifts

Everybody loves receiving gifts and the same goes for your pets. If you buy your pet a new toy, they will express their love to you. Give them a treat when they obey, as this will help in training and bringing you both closer.

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Quality Time

Spending time with your pets is the most important thing as they need love & attention. They love it when you talk, laugh or even make eye contact. Going out together and giving quality time is the best thing you can do to make him feel happy.

7 Surprising ways to show your pet you Love them

Act of Service

Share some extra time with you Pet. Your Pet is a constant companion & is important to show that you are there to take care of them.

Learn a New Trick Together

Learning a new trick along with your pet can be fun using positive reinforcement techniques, like “sit", "shake hands", “spin,” can be rewarding for you both. Go for tricks that will make you smile and laugh, along with tasty treats, pet find your happy attention rewarding.

Words of Affirmation

Appreciating on doing something good will boost up your Pet's energy. Sometimes, your dog is nicer because he wants appreciation. A dog loves hearing words like ’good boy’, ‘yes’ or listening to his name. Training is the best way to bond with your dog.

7 Surprising ways to show your pet you Love them

Let Them Sleep With You

Research revealed that allowing your pet to sleep with you is the ultimate display of trust, love and affection for your cat or dog since they are most vulnerable while sleeping. Sleeping with you demonstrates that you are part of their pack, and this allows them to connect with you.


Showing your pet that you love them & how much they means to you is the nicest thing you can do. This will not only give him a happier life but it will also keep you stress-free. Instead of scolding or making it hard to understand, be gentle to make them obey you.

Tell us how you show your pet you Love them. If you have some more tips or want to share any valuable input with your fellow readers then drop in your comments below. 

Author: Vincent Otieno
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