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10 ways to spend quality time with your pet at home

10 ways to spend quality time with your pet at home

10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with your Pet at Home

Have you ever wondered How to spend quality time with your pet at home. At times like this, there is someone who sure is not unhappy that we are home all the time: our pet. Even though they don’t understand, we know they are ecstatic to have us working from home, and are constantly asking for attention.

If your favorite activities are going to the park and dog-friendly restaurants, it can be hard to come up with ideas for things to do at home with them. There are, however, plenty of enterprises that don’t require putting yourself at risk. Here are ten ways of spending quality time with your pet at home!

Run up and down the stairs

Living in a two-floor house is all you need to keep your dog fit and engaged. Simply sit on the top of the stairs and throw his favorite ball down the steps. That’s it! Now watch Fido run down the steps to catch it and up to give the ball to you. Repeat ad infinitum!

Play fetch in the backyard

If you have a backyard, even a small one, it is time to use it. Find a ball or a stick and play fetch, It won’t be the same as the park, but the trick is to throw it faster and more! Alternatively, why not chase your dog around the sofa for ten minutes?

Have your dog on your lap while working

If you have a small dog, take every chance you have and have him on your lap. If they are quiet enough, we are sure they will love to nap away while you video conference. Psst, no one needs to know - I’m doing it right now!

Play hide and seek

The day my husband taught our dog to play hide and seek was a happy one. There are many resources online, but the gist is to redirect your dog’s attention, hide and make a noise for him to find you. Remember to act super happy when they find you!

Play games with everyday chores

Sweeping the floor? Let your pup chase the broom! Tidying up the bedroom? Throw things around to entertain them! This is a good way to turn a boring time into a great time.

10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with your Pet at Home

Have meals at the same time

Dogs are very social animals. That means they hate being apart from you and thrive on sharing activities with you. Try giving them food at the same time as you eat dinner, and enjoy having that time together.

Create an indoor obstacle course

Let your imagination run free with this one! You can arrange small walls made from pillows, chairs for them to jump and plants for them to divert from! Wait for him in the end and award him the prize: your undivided attention.

Don’t forget the belly rubs

That is definitely high on the list of priorities for your pet. Now that you are home so much, it’s time to set the world record for most belly rubs in one day!

Hide treats around the house

Make your companion work for their treats. Hide them behind the sofa, under the bed, and inside a box and set your doggo on a mission. Say the same thing every time he finds one and he will soon learn the game!

Get your pet new toys

If your pet seems bored, there is still online ordering to save you. Puzzles, licking mats and tug war ropes are great allies when you need to distract your pet in a positive way. They will love you for it!

Doing the activities in this list is a sure way to fight boredom and to keep you and your four-legged friend occupied and happy! How do you spend quality time with your pet at home, share with your fellow readers. 

 Author: Laila Newman

 Author Bio - Laila Newman

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