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Toxic Foods to keep away from your Dog

Toxic Foods to keep away from your Dog

Toxic Foods to keep away from your Dog

Ah, dogs! They are cute, they are loyal, they know how to have fun and they are just the cuddliest of animals. They also are especially fast in getting their paws (and mouth) on any treat or trace of food left around the house. Some of them, however, should be kept locked away high up, considering how toxic they are to dogs. We all know to not let chocolate anywhere near our furry friend, but did you also know onions are awfully dangerous to them? Here is a list of 4 surprising Toxic Foods to Keep Away From Your Dog.


Although we do not know yet the exact toxin that makes grapes dangerous to dogs, the bottom line is that they are. Any dog can suffer from severe kidney failure after consuming grapes or even raisins, and the symptoms can appear almost instantly. It can be tempting to share a meal with our pooch, and we know they can be very persuasive with their pleading eyes! Sometimes, though, it is just best not to - for their own good.

The Onion Family

The onion family includes onions, shallots, green onions, chives, leeks, and any other onion-y ingredient you can think of. They contain compounds that attack the red blood cells of dogs, making them very fragile. Do be careful while cooking as even a small piece of onion that fell to the ground can cause adverse reactions to dogs.

Toxic Foods to keep away from your Dog


Avocados are great sources of vitamin C, they boost the immune system, and even help lower cholesterol. For humans, that is! As much as it would be cute to share an avocado toast with Fido on Sunday brunch, we do not recommend it. The pit is a danger and the pulp is toxic to some dogs, causing pancreatitis when ingested in large amounts. Better safe than sorry, as our grandmas would say.

Fruits with pits (apples, plums, and peaches)

Dogs have a much broader idea of food than we do, so when we stop eating a plum when we reach the hard seed, they may not. While that is a danger with any kind of pits since they are not digested and can block the dog’s intestine, some fruits go even further. Peach pits, for example, have cyanide in them. Yes, the deadly poison that can take effect in just seconds! Don’t panic though, a dog would have to break into the pit to be in danger, but with the destruction power many pups have - that is not impossible. Best to keep your fruits on top of the fridge.

What to do - Signs of Poison

Every toxin works differently, and if you suspect your pooch ingested something they shouldn’t the first thing to do is to contact your vet. Depending on the size of the dog and the amount of food swallowed, they may advise you to make your dog throw up. If that is the case, don’t worry - Fido will feel better soon enough! Look for signs of diarrhea, pale gums, and dizziness, and report it to your vet - a trip to the clinic may be necessary.

The best way to be sure your dog is safe is to always keep an eye on them and to make sure no hazardous pieces of food end up on the floor. As your dog knows how much you love them, they will surely think it is a delicious new treat and gobble up! With so many doggy snacks these days, there is no reason to risk it with human food.

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 Author: Laila Newman

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