10 Ways to Make your Dog’s Life Better

how to make your pup's life better

We all want our dogs to be happy! Have you ever watched your dog eat super premium food while you slurped on 3-minute noodles from the microwave? Well, we certainly can’t relate to that - cough cough doing that right now cough cough. We have to keep in mind, however, that to ensure our pets live like a king we have to understand they are a different species and have different needs. That’s why we researched 10 Ways to Make your Dog’s Life Better!

Boost that Morning Walk

Adding an extra ten minutes to your morning walk can do wonders for your dog. Make time on your day and try to avoid making excuses to not walk your dog. Nobody can be late for work, but a little organization can make all the difference in Fido’s day!

Let them Loose

We can’t simply open the gate and let our hound go anywhere he likes, but if you can find a safe space - like a backyard or a dog’s park - take that opportunity to let them go free. This lets them make decisions by themselves and do a lot of exploring.

Go Naked

It may not be a good idea for us to leave the house with no clothes on, but it is definitely a must for dogs. While clothed dogs are very cute, they are much more comfortable with nothing on. It can even be a good idea to lose the collar when you’re inside the house!

Take a Different Route

Dogs are big adventurers, so taking a left instead of a right on your regular walk can seem like a whole new world for your dog. He will smell new things, see new areas and feel much more excited.

Replace his Toys

Chewable and toys are a must to keep your friend happy and entertained. While he may have a favorite plaything, he will definitely love new and interesting articles.

Experiment with Homemade Treats

Do you know how much you love your grandma’s food? One of the reasons for that is that fresh food is always better, and it is not different for your dog. There are plenty of recipes to try online, and they can be as simple as roasting sweet potatoes.

Focus on your Dog

Dogs are needy, there is no denying! While we can’t spend 24 hours with our pooches (as much as we wanted) try to give them razor-sharp focused attention when you do. They will love it and thrive on it!

how to make your pup's life better

Groom them

Long and dirty hair can become very uncomfortable. Keep your friend clean and groomed and you’ll be just as happy as him!

Learn about them

Just like people are different, no two dogs are the same. That means they have personalities, likes, and dislikes. Observe your doggy’s behavior, what he barks at, where he likes to be petted and what types of food he eats more. This will be great to understand his boundaries and to do more things that he likes!

Encourage mental health

Dogs get bored, just as we do. If you are leaving the house for many hours, a great idea is to leave him with a toy that strengthens his memory or that keeps him occupied. There are a lot of puzzle toys available, and you can also make your own! Licking mats and treat balls are also fantastic companions for your pup.

These are simple but very effective ways to upgrade your pooch’s life! Keep at it and you’ll soon catch the signs that your dog is happy, such as relaxed eyelids and mouth, loose posture, and loads of sleep.

Want to add more on our list of 10 Ways to Make your Dog’s Life Better? Feel free to drop your comment below & share your views. 

  Author: Laila Newman

 Author Bio - Laila Newman

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