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What’s in a BFF Surprise Bag and Why It’s a Great Gift

What’s in a BFF Surprise Bag and Why It’s a Great Gift

With the holidays just around the corner, gifts are starting to be a topic of the mind. Have you begun thinking of what you will be getting your friends and family this year? More importantly, have you started thinking of what you will be getting for your fur friends and family?! That’s right, we’re talking about your pets! We all love to spoil our BFFs (Best Fur Friends) and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to get something special for the ones we hold dear. Whether you’re getting one for your own dog or for a friend’s pooch, our BFF Surprise Bag is a comprehensive and thoughtful present for all the pups that melt your heart and make you smile.


But what is a BFF Surprise Bag?


A BFF Surprise Bag is Nurture Your Pet’s all-in-one gift bag stuffed with toys and accessories for dogs! Fantastic for new puppy parents, it comes with a wide variety of handy tools for dog owners that can keep a young pup entertained. But don’t worry, veteran pet parents will still find the gift bag’s contents to be practical, purposeful, and meaningful. Read on for a detailed list of each item and its benefit!


Our gift bag includes:

  1. 2 Bandanas (small & medium) with a Hearts and Kisses Print

So cute and so sweet! This print is simply to spread the love. The two sizes are perfect for a dog who is still growing, or you can keep the size that fits and share the love by giving one to a furiend.



  1. Heart-Shaped Snuffle Mat

An enriching mental dog puzzle toy to reduce anxiety/stress, improve digestion, and help dogs develop their natural foraging ability.



  1. Small Paw Socks

Keep puppy pads warm! Don’t let those little toes shiver this winter. These socks will leave your dog’s paws feeling toasty on those frigid snow days.



  1. Dog Locket

Seal the bond with your pet by giving them a symbol of your love. This tag easily attaches to collars for an extra special reminder to you of the love for your pet. It also makes a super cute accessory to add a bit of style to your dog’s collar!



  1. Rope Toy (Knot)

You can never go wrong with a good ol’ game of tug-of-war. This toy is great for those who love to tug, tear, and sink their teeth into braided rope toys.


  1. Rope Toy (Heart Shaped)

Another fantastic toy! This one is oh-so-cute and sure to spark up a fun play session!


  1. Heart Squeaky Toy

Calling all the noisemakers! This lovely plush toy features a squeaker for some added fun. If your pooch loves the squeaky toys, this is likely to be a favorite!



  1. Baking Mold for Dog Treats

Whip up something special for your pup and use this mold to seal the deal. You can use this to make dog cookies or freeze your recipe in it for a cold version. Looking for something effortless? Fill each heart with some sodium-free chicken broth and stick in the freezer to make delicious ice cube treats! They’re simple but dogs love the taste.



  1. Recipe Booklet for Dog Treats and Snacks

If you’re not very experienced with making your own dog treats, have no fear! We’ve got you covered. Included in each BFF Surprise Bag is our recipe booklet. We want you to enjoy the process of crafting something with love for your pet, so just follow our instructions if you need a bit of guidance.



  1. Reusable Jute Bag with Cord

All previous nine items will arrive in our reusable jute bag. A bag like this can be especially useful to new dog owners to keep their pet’s items in a convenient place. You can also use this bag for outings with your dog or to keep their toys in a secure spot.


The BFF Surprise Bag is for new dog owners, pet parents who have been around the bark a couple of times, and even people who don’t have a dog but simply know someone who does. It’s for all the dog lovers embracing wet noses and slobbery kisses. It’s for the selfless foster caretakers that open their homes and hearts. It’s for those of you who truly want to Nurture Your Pet!

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