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Top 5 Chew Toys for Dogs & Puppies

Top 5 Chew Toys for Dogs & Puppies

Chew Toys for Dogs & Puppies

Chew toys for dogs are great for you and your little fellow. By giving toys to dogs, you can save your sweet home from destruction, as your pup will get busy in chewing the toy instead of tearing your curtains and cushions.

In America, almost 71% of pet owners have a dog. This means you are not alone; many pet parents face the same problem because of their pups’ chew habit. In this case, the following chew toys can help you calm your champ.

Chewable Wood Bone

Bring chewable wood bone for your canine. Your pup will feel attracted to the toy because of the bone structure and can play and chew it whenever they like.

The chewable bone will keep your pup busy for hours. This way, your furniture is saved from any disaster. It is a possibility that you may not be able to change the habits of your pup when they turn six. So, it’s better to cope with their chewing addiction as early as possible.

Chewable Ball

When you take your pup outside, you may have noticed that they run to catch the ball of kids or anyone playing. They hardly let it go, and you may have to scold your little furry friend. Of course, you don't want to do that. Right?

So, to make your athletic canine happy, gift them one of the chew toys for dogs, a chew ball. Your canine can also take out their strength on the ball. This way, they will spend time playing with their toy instead of chewing or tearing the toys of children.

Chew Toys for Dogs & Puppies

Chewable Key Ring

Does your dog always run to throw themselves on you when you come home? However, sometimes this action is not to welcome you but to take keys from your hand. Some pups have this fascination for keys.

You always push them away to calm their aggressiveness towards the keys.

Need solution? There is a perfect chew toy for your key replacement. A chew keyring! Bring this toy for your little companion to keep them happy.

Chewable Rope

You might have tried a couple of toys for you canine, but now your friend refuses to play with them because of the lack of interest. And this leads to tearing and ripping off your clothes, sofa covers, and all the things which your canine grabs.

Don’t worry. You can make them excited about toys again by introducing something new to them. For instance, you can give them chewable ropes to destroy. No matter how long or aggressively your champ chews on the rope, they will not get bored.

Chewable Rubber Ring

Puppies have an unexplainable fascination towards the round things. This is why they chew and rip everything round, which comes in front of their eyes.

To save the destruction in your home, you can give them chewable rubber rings. The chew toys for dogs will keep them busy and help them let out their aggressiveness.

Bottom Line

Chew toys for dogs can help you deal with your canine’s chew habit and keep them engaged at the same time. You can get any of these toys to engage your aggressive canine for hours. 

 Author: Brandi Marcene

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