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Pet parents love capturing pleasant and beautiful pictures of their pets. But many fail to click an Instagram worthy picture, even if they have the cutest feline on earth. This is because they don’t consider the little factors which can add gravity in their portraits. In this article, you can learn some Tips for Improving your Cat Photography Skills. So, get ready for your feline’s next photoshoot.

Tips for Improving your Cat Photography Skills

Direct Your Pussy’s Gaze

It’s almost impossible to make your cat look straight into the lens of the camera. An expert can manage this by directing the cat’s gaze to certain movements or noises.

You can throw the laser on the lens so that your cat looks there. Try to dangle a treat above the lens to catch their attention. You can throw the laser on sideways to capture this look if you want your cat’s picture in a side pose. Do remember to keep the laser off from their eyes and body. Also, avoid laser on reflective surfaces.

Use Window for Natural Light

The natural light can create deepness in your picture. Put your feline’s favorite bed near the window. This way, you have plenty of chances to capture moments while your furry friend sleeps or rests.

Moreover, natural light gives a soft and smooth portrait. If your cat faces the window, it’s marvelous. You can also take advantage of shadows that look flattering in a pet portrait.

Shoot from Various Angles

You can get high angle photos by photographing your cat from your eye level downward. This method highlights the face and eye of the feline. It will also give a comic touch to your portrait because it makes cat’s features extra big.

Moreover, take advantage of the climbing and jumping habit of your pussy. When they climb walls, trees, and other tall places, take the photo from a low angle (by standing on the ground).

Tips for Improving your Cat Photography Skills
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Use Camera Features

You can capture different actions of your cat when they enthusiastically move here and there all the time. Also, ask someone to play with them while you take pictures. Set the shutter on a fast speed so that you get sharp details in your photo.

In this case, you need to understand the ISO numbers. The bigger they are, the more noise they create in your portrait. Don’t worry; you can handle this. Most cameras nowadays can process high ISO without distorting the results. Make sure to avoid the highest numbers. But feel free to move up sometimes. A high ISO and faster shutter speed will help you capture sharp and lighten indoor photos. Moreover, a large aperture like f/2.0 can also help you to get bright photos.

Bottom Line

The tips mentioned above will take your cat photography to the next level. Don’t stop if you click blurry, over-exposed, or bad-composition pictures. Photography is an art, and you can master it with time.

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