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Like us humans, every cat is an individual with different types of personalities. Some are easy to get along with, others not so much. Here are some proven and tested tips for getting your cat to like you more.

Where to Pet a Cat

Cats tend to like to be petted more in some areas than others. The petting safe zone of every cat is different but a majority of cats like to be petted on the forehead and the cheek area. They can react quite negatively – by hissing or swatting away your hand when being petted around the tail area and the belly area.

However, some long-term cat owners report that their cats love being petted by the base of their tails and enjoy belly rubs. If you’re a new cat owner, it’s probably best to stick to forehead rubs until you can get to know your cat better and build up trust.

How to greet a Cat

Unlike dogs, who are curious about every new thing they encounter, cats are very cautious of unfamiliar objects or people. One simple method of greeting a cat is to make a none-threatening, loose fist, one finger pointing out slightly. Holding it around their nose level and waiting for them to come to you.

They might come and investigate your hand, sniffing and rubbing on it. This can be a sign to pet them on the forehead/cheek area. They might outright ignore you too if so that’s okay. Let the cat always take the lead.

When to Give a Cat some Space

Cats are territorial creatures, they are very conscious of their environments. You don’t want to be imposing on their personal space. Not all cats have an endless appetite for cuddles. When they react negatively to your attempts of cuddling, give them some space; don’t smother them.

Provide lots of quiet, dark and cozy places they can relax in. Slow blinking at your cat occasionally can let them know that you are comfortable with its presence, once they become comfortable they too will start to slow blink back at you.

You don’t have to constantly give attention to your cat as this can overwhelm them. Occasionally ignoring them and letting them do their own thing is a good practice.

Tips for Getting a Cat to Like You
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Play with your Cat

Cats are predators, they need to satisfy their predatory nature. Having a daily play routine with your cat is a must to avoid boredom and behavioral issues. Here a few playtime activities you can do with your cat:

  • Laser Pointer – you can use a laser pointer to simulate prey running from your cat. You can lead them to treats to simulate them “catching” their prey and prevent them from getting bored after a while.
  • A feather wand – a feather or feathers stuck on the other side of a stick, you can twirl it around the air simulating a bird. A favorite of cats, this can also evoke their predatory nature.
  • You can mimic prey turning their back away by slowly dragging a toy out of your cat’s sight, this can excite them.

Getting a cat to like you won’t happen overnight. It’s going to take some problem solving, being consistent, patient and most of all loving.

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