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Most cat lovers won’t settle for anything less for their feline friend and this also goes with catnip. Most pet owners who own a cat let their cats play with catnip. That is why we have prepared this guide to help you determine the things to consider when buying the catnip for your kitty cat.

Catnip can provide entertainment and stimulation at the same time for you and your cat. It is just delightful to watch your feline companion acting extra playful after having a catnip. However, with loads of options in the market nowadays, choosing the best catnip for your cat could be daunting.

Things to Consider When Buying Catnip

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Here are some things to Consider when Buying Catnip:

Types of Catnip

Before you buy catnip for your lovely pet, you must first consider what type of catnip you think would suit your cat best. Catnip come in different forms. The most common type of catnip is dried catnip. This is the dried leaves from the catnip plant that are cut into fine pieces. Most cat owners prefer this type as this is cheaper per ounce, easier to store, and lasts longer.

Catnip can also come in the spray. However, your cats won’t find this as interesting as the dried catnip. This type of catnip is often used for training.

Another type of catnip is fresh catnip. You can easily buy these at pet supply stores or can even grow them in your own backyard. This is more likely the same with the dried catnip, just that this is the fresh type.

Amount of leaves

the more leaves in the product, the better it is. Some manufacturers will include seeds, stems, roots, and even branches of the Nerpata cataria, the actual name of the catnip plant. Although adding other parts into the product is generally harmless, your cats will be less attracted to the product if there are fewer leaves in it. Also, roots and stems may hurt your cat’s mouth should they decide to eat it.


When you look into the packaging of the product, the most important thing to consider is that the product is airtight and sealed well. You need to consider if you can store it in its original packaging or you may need to buy something to store your extra catnips in.

Usually, small amounts of catnips are sold in re-sealable bags. While those in bulk, come in air-tight packaging. As you figure out how to effectively use catnip for your feline friend, then you can determine which type of packaging is perfect for your catnips.

Natural Fillers

Some manufacturers will add more filers to their products. It is up to you if you prefer the plain, catnips, or catnips with natural fillers. The two most common fillers added in the catnips are the valerian root and silver line. Both of these are known to give the same hallucinogenic reaction as the Nerpata cataria.


If you don’t want the added chemicals for your cat, then you better choose a catnip that is organically prepared. There is a lot of 100% organic catnip available in stores; however, this may be a little bit expensive as to the other types.


When you buy catnip, you want to be certain that it is really effective just how you want it to be. The best catnip you could choose for your feline friend is the one that is aromatic and potent. The more potent, the longer the effects will last on your cat.


You need also to consider how finely chopped the leaves of your catnip are. Larger chunks of leaves would be difficult to offer or put in your cat’s toys. Leaves that are too fine may also be messy to offer to your cat. So, you just want a catnip that is not too large nor too fine for your cat.


As you check the price of the catnip, you want to be sure that you get the best deal for the price. Although pure organic catnips are more expensive compared to their other counterparts, you will see that it is more effective and lasts longer, giving a good bang for your buck.

These are some important considerations you need to thoroughly think about when buying the best catnip for your feline friend. You don’t want them to give a second-best product, as you want to ensure they get the best catnip that they deserve.

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