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Most people think having a cat is easier than having a dog but we will tell you 11 Common Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid. Although cats are independent animals, they still need our care and love. We will give out some tips in this article to avoid potential mistakes that you might make. Our goal is to make your cat have a happy, healthy and safe life with you.  Let us go through some universal care rules with you, from home safety, cleaning to feeding.

Provide Cat buffet

Do not leave food out all the time. Many cat owners believe it is acceptable to leave food out for cats so that they can eat whenever they want. However, indoor cats have low-level activity at home. They need a relatively low amount of calories compared to outdoor cats who like to hunt and play outdoors. For those cats who have neutered, their sex hormone will decline dramatically and causing an increase in weight. Many cat owners find it hard to control their cat’s weight. Measure the food and have scheduled mealtime are the keys to manage their weights.

Give cat a haircut

Many cat owners who live in subtropical or tropical climates believe that it is beneficial for the cat to feel cooler during summer. Unless your cat has detangled hair or matted coat, otherwise it is usually unnecessary. Cutting fur is very stressful for cats. It is recommended to groom your cat regularly to remove shedding fur and prevent detangled hair. It is a great way to bond with your cat through grooming.

Multiple cats share one litter tray and one food bowl

Territory fight is something we should be aware of when your cats are sharing their litter boxes and food bowls. Since cats tend to be territorial, they do enjoy having their own litter trays and have less stress. The litter tray should not be situated close to each other. It can be a bully tactic for the dominant cat to block the way of other cats to go to the toilet. Therefore having two litter trays for two cats can save your carpet and furniture.

Common Mistakes Every Cat Owner Should Avoid
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Place a food bowl right next to a water bowl

Wild cats like to drink fresh water from running rivers and streams. That’s why it is important to always provide them clean and freshwater. Placing a food bowl next to a water bowl can cause contamination in the water by the leftover food. When your cat starts to drink from the toilet or sink, it can be a sign that the water is not clean and fresh.

Rarely visit the vet

Visiting a vat can be a nightmare for most of the cats and their owners. Indoor cats are not used to seeing new things and meeting new people. Regular visits to the vet for a bodycheck can help cats to get used to going outside. You can practice with your cat by letting them get used to their travel bags and take them out for a fun trip. Do not make every single trip scary and stressful. A sick cat can react badly and be aggressive when he/she has never been to the vet.

Did not choose a breed that fits your lifestyle

Just like different dog breeds, it requires different cares on them. Although most of the cats are the same size, the breed can define the behaviour and personality. If you are living in an apartment, Birman can be a good choice for you. Birman is known to be calm, quiet and peaceful in nature. If you live in a house and have more time to spend with your cat, Norwegian forest cats can suit your lifestyle. They are sociable, naturally curious and energetic.

Neglecting to neuter your cat

There are some risks that you should be concerned about if you have not neutered your cat. Male cats who want to mate will urinate everywhere while female cats will moan all day and you might get complaints from your neighbor. If you have the tendency to let your unneutered female cat out, you might end up with a big surprise.

Uncomfortable eating environment

Cats are very sensitive animals especially when they are eating. Owners should find a specific place for the cats to eat. A noisy, high traffic place is not ideal for a cat to eat. It will cause them to have less appetite and more stress. Find a safe, quiet and undisturbed corner for them to enjoy their meal.

Give your cat milk

Cats are not suitable for drinking milk because, like humans, some cats are born with lactose intolerance. Drinking a small amount of milk can make them have diarrhoea. The cat may not be able to absorb enough water due to diarrhoea. If symptoms are left unnoticed, it may cause kidney disease or acute kidney failure.

Change diet too frequently or too quickly

Cats are generally more picky about food than dogs, and they are prone to reject new foods. Changing your cat's normal food too quickly, rather than gradually, can cause your cat to lose appetite, vomit, or diarrhoea. These are big problems that can turn into a serious health issue, and owners must be careful when changing food.

Did not choose good cat food based on their needs

The money saved by buying cheap cat food can be used in veterinary treatment instead. Cats are natural carnivores and need a good source of meat protein. They don't need a lot of carbohydrates, especially corn, which is a cheap source used by many cat food manufacturers to make them feel full. Learn how to choose good cat food by reading their nutrient label on the package. Nevertheless, choosing cat food based on the energy level, age, and daily activity of your cats.

It's not always clear what mistakes you're making in your cat's day-to-day life, but they're there. The sooner you take action and fix these mistakes, the safer and healthier. You might also be interested in reading about Is your cat also sleeping too much? Feel free to drop your comment below or share your views if we missed anything.

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