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How to stop your Pet from pooping on the Carpet

Does it bother you as a pet owner that your lovely fur loves to poop on your carpet? Let’s admit it, cleaning...

Why do Dogs and Cats Fight?

Have you ever wondered why dogs and cats always fight? Do they hate each other? Are they enemies by nature? Is there...

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Top 5 Chew Toys for Dogs & Puppies

Chew toys for dogs are great for you and your little fellow. By giving toys to dogs, you can save your sweet...

Buyer Persona for Your Pet Store

Reasons why you should create a buyer persona for your pet store is to get more clients and grow your pet store...

What Causes Seizures in Dogs

Seizures also known as a convulsion, a seizure is one of the most common neurological conditions that dogs can suffer from. Seizures...

Things to Consider When Buying Catnip

Most cat lovers won’t settle for anything less for their feline friend and this also goes with catnip. Most pet owners who...

How to Exercise your dog Indoors

Dogs need exercise just as much, or even more than us. Most breeds need to run around at least once a day,...
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