10 Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

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“I wish I could play with my pet all day long.” Chances are that this thought has crossed your mind a couple of times if you are an animal lover! What if taking care of pets is your next business? Here are Top 10 Business Ideas for Animal Lovers.

The number of households with pets is increasing by the day. According to Statista, 67 percent of households in America owned a pet in 2019 and that is the reason behind the steady growth in pet industry expenditure. In 2019, the expenditure was estimated at 75.38 billion dollars which is a threefold increase in the amount from 1998.

So if you are an animal lover looking to start a pet business, then now is probably the best time! Here are the 10 business ideas animal lovers can start their own way.

Pet photography

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Do you love hanging out with pets? Are you familiar with digital cameras? Then pet photography could be the best business idea for you. The only equipment you need are a digital camera, editing software and a backup hard drive to begin your business.

Create a unique and memorable style of photography that appeals to pet lovers. Doing this enables you to retain first-time customers and get referrals from your happy existing customers. If you don’t have the funds to buy a camera yet, you can rent a digital camera for the start.

Pet Sitter

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Pet sitting business has limited startup costs such as maybe a website. However, you need credentials to earn the trust of pet owners. These credentials may be being a pet owner yourself, having work experience at a pet retail shop or grooming business or an animal hospital.

Since pet owners treat their pets as their own children, you need to inquire about the needs of every pet to ensure you provide the best care while their owners are away. You can prepare a simple questionnaire for your customers to fill in the details about their pets such as any allergies, medications, etc. What’s more, you can personally take them through the questionnaire to build confidence in your intentions.

Pet Clothing Designer

If you are obsessed with fashion and clothing designs, then becoming a pet clothing designer could be a great idea. You can create designer hoodies, coats, pajamas and holiday costumes.

You could focus on a specific breed of dog and design clothes for every season of the year including those to keep them warm in winter, clothes to make them comfortable for summer, etc..  

Tag Engraver

Pet owners want their contact information engraved in their pet’s collars. Engraved tags make it easy to locate a lost pet. If you are familiar with engraving, then you should try this business idea. Help pet owners engrave anything they want on the tags of their pets.

Pet Trainer/ Dog Whisperer

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This one will certainly work! Pet owners need someone who can help their pets outgrow bad behaviors or understand why their pets act in a particular way.

To be successful, you need dog training skills. You can take formal lessons online or in person at a college. A good example is All Dogs Academy which offers training lessons. A dog training course can last a few days to 2 weeks and costs between $500 to $2000.

Pet Business Marketing Consultant

If you are a marketing specialist, then you can help pet businesses acquire customers at a fee. There are many types of pet that you can specialize in including pet food shops, pet supplies shops, dog walking, and pet grooming among others.

Pet Bakery Owner

Do you love baking? Creating a bakery that specializes in pet foods and treats is an attractive business. Pet owners prefer products that are natural and free of additives. Develop a unique product and reach out to prospects through marketing.

Pet Massage Therapist

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Massage therapy brings many benefits to pets such as improving blood flow, reducing pain, alleviating stress and relaxing tight muscles. After undergoing training classes, you can open a massage therapy business.

Pet Event Organizer

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There are many pet events including dog shows, birthday parties, adoption events. You can organize these events for a fee.

Brand Manager

Have you ever heard of Jiff Pom? This Pomeranian Pup is the most followed on Instagram with over 10.5 million fans. He has been featured in Katy Perry’s music video, Dark Horse. What’s more, he holds the record as the fastest dog to run on two paws. And in 2015, he was named as the most popular dog in the world.

Just like you can build a brand for a person is the same way you can build a brand for a pet and get paid for doing it.


Now that you have learned business ideas for animal lovers, what are you going to do next? The pet service industry is burgeoning and regardless of the business you choose, you are likely to succeed if you understand your customer’s challenges and address them effectively.

Do you have more Business Ideas to share with our fellow animal lovers? Let me know in the comments! You might also be interested in reading about 5 Things Pet Store Owners Must Know About Their Consumer Trends.

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I’m a self-confessed dog lover! My dog’s name is Simba, a rottweiler, and I have to hug him whenever I come home from work! I’m also pet blogger who writes blogs about how pet owners can turn their passion into a booming business. I also have a degree in Radiography from the University of JKUAT in Kenya.